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Altar of Shadows 7Card Type: ArtifactAbility Text:At the beginning of your precombat main phase, add..
Availability: 1
$0.75 CAD
Ancient Den Card Type: Artifact LandAbility Text:(Ancient Den isn't a spell.): Add to your mana poo..
Availability: 5
$3.50 CAD
Availability: 18
Starting at $0.23 CAD
Availability: 13
Starting at $0.75 CAD
Availability: 12
$0.18 CAD
Assert Authority 5Card Type: InstantAbility Text:Affinity for artifacts (This spell costs 1 less to ..
Availability: 6
$0.27 CAD
Availability: 2
$0.45 CAD
Awe Strike Card Type: InstantAbility Text:The next time target creature would deal damage this turn,..
Availability: 5
$0.22 CAD