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Guilds of Ravnica

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Affectionate Indrik   Card Type: Creature — BeastAbility Text: When Affectionate Indrik enters the b..
Availability: 2
$0.22 CAD
Arboretum Elemental    Card Type: Creature — ElementalAbility Text: Convoke (Your creatures can help..
Availability: 4
$0.22 CAD
Arclight Phoenix Out Of Stock
Arclight Phoenix    Card Type: Creature — Phoenix Ability Text: Flying, haste At th..
Availability: Out Of Stock
$22.50 CAD
Artful Takedown    Card Type: InstantAbility Text: Choose one or both —• Tap target creature.• Targe..
Availability: 7
$0.13 CAD
Assassin's Trophy Out Of Stock
Assassin's Trophy    Card Type: Instant Ability Text: Destroy target permanent an op..
Availability: Out Of Stock
$14.50 CAD
Assure // Assemble    Card Type: Instant // Instant Face Ability Text: Put a +1/+1 c..
Availability: 3
$0.75 CAD
Attendant of Vraska Out Of Stock
Attendant of Vraska    Card Type: Creature — Zombie SoldierAbility Text: When Attendant of Vraska di..
Availability: Out Of Stock
$0.27 CAD
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice Out Of Stock
Aurelia, Exemplar of Justice    Card Type: Legendary Creature — AngelAbility Text: FlyingMentor (Whe..
Availability: Out Of Stock
$5.00 CAD
Barging Sergeant   Card Type: Creature — Minotaur SoldierAbility Text: HasteMentor (Whenever this cr..
Availability: 6
$0.13 CAD
Barrier of Bones  Card Type: Creature — Skeleton WallAbility Text: DefenderWhen Barrier of Bones ent..
Availability: 5
$0.16 CAD
Bartizan Bats    Card Type: Creature — Bat Ability Text: Flying Flavor Text: "Bat..
Availability: 9
$0.13 CAD
Beacon Bolt     Card Type: Sorcery Ability Text: Beacon Bolt deals damage to ta..
Availability: 4
$0.28 CAD
Beamsplitter Mage   Card Type: Creature — Vedalken WizardAbility Text: Whenever you cast an instant ..
Availability: 5
$0.22 CAD
Beast Whisperer Out Of Stock
Beast Whisperer    Card Type: Creature — Elf DruidAbility Text: Whenever you cast a creature spell, ..
Availability: Out Of Stock
$4.00 CAD
Blade Instructor   Card Type: Creature — Human SoldierAbility Text: Mentor (Whenever this creature a..
Availability: 2
$0.15 CAD